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morning dew and the scent of a jasmine summer breeze

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January 1st, 2007

(no subject)

It was raining when we left Hayley's house for the Dollhouse to finish up Firefly. Not a very pleasant day, even though the rain made me happy. Nice enough way to start off the new year. Am not bothering with any silly resolutions, though I would perhaps like to update here more often, not that it matters.

Want to study more for mock trial, and do well this last semester of school. Need to apply to colleges. Am somewhat terrified, but 's nothin' I can't handle. Just would've liked for the administrators to have given us a little more preparation, because I'm runnin' around not knowin' when t'do what an' how, you know? But that'll be taken care of.

Plane was late because of the weather -- not that the weather was bad, but it had been before, which stopped up planes. Which booted the one I was on back in line. Which was okay. Why was it okay? Because of my blue hair. ...What? Well.

Apparently! Blue hair sends out this message to people of like mind, and alerts them that I am okay? Do not know. At any rate! What I believe to have been a very lovely couple sat down next to me and we chatted a lot. Very nice young men -- though the schoolteacher (for orchestra, I think) said he was forty two. ...I... had thought they were in college or just freshly out. Anyhow. Very nice. ...Just. Pleasant people. People I would like to be friends with. ...Even though I'm a kid.

See, that's why I love airports -- the conversations you can get into with strangers. You can get a good glimpse of their lives, and it's neat, looking in that window. They have a cat, too. Tuxedo like mine. I believe they were headed to... Arlington? I could have tried to pay more attention.

Anyhow! All excited because I've discovered that I love flying at night. It's wonderful. It looks like you're on the ocean and the waves are just -rolling-, but they've stopped, frozen without having lost all the heat necessary to freeze. See, the lights spread out over cities makes it look like the reflection of the moon on the water, and it's very pretty. And then there was a great gauzy veil of fog all over the cities, and the rosy sunset -- and you could see the moon! It looked near to full. I was terribly excited.

And...I sound like an idiot. But that's okay.

I am glad to be home. I had missed FFXII. ...which is definitely a total sequel for Vagrant Story. I mean come on, there's the bribery with wine, -Valendia-, the battle system -- the MUSIC -- the character design... it's pretty much awesome. I think it has replaced six and seven as my favorite. ...Well. ...It definitely makes up for the disaster that was X. So yay. =P

...and even X was not a total train wreck if you gave it time...but. Rrr. I like for my stories not to be over before they've begun. If I wanted Rosencrantz and Guildenstern I'd read the play again. Not that the comparison is... anything... at all like... it should be.

I am glad to be with my cat again. But I will miss sleeping alongside Hayley.
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